Advances in mobile learning may open new doors of potential for engaging, authentic, and accessible instruction.  This section includes journals, initiatives, policies, and other resources which may be of benefit for curriculum developers and teachers.

Mobile Adoption Planning Guide from the National Technology Leadership Summit 2011

This mobile adoption planning guide for educational institutions was created by participants in the Mobile Learning Strand at the National Technology Leadership Summit 2011 in Washington D.C.  The document addresses over 25 critical questions that mobile planning teams should consider as part of an overall mobile adoption strategy.

11 Colleges Going All In On Mobile - Online Colleges

This resource (from online summarizes mobile initiatives at 11 universities in the United States.  Links to information on each is given.


Manor ISD brings new technology to the classroom

by Jennifer Borget, YNN Network, Austin, TX

Technology is becoming more accessible for people of all ages. This year, the Manor Independent School District is issuing iPads to all of its high school students. District officials say the best way to help a student learn is to meet them where they’re at, and kids these days are living virtually.

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University of San Diego Mobile Technology Learning Center

The MTLC is designed to establish the university research environment of the future, while concurrently fueling innovation in K-12 education. Research projects focus on the applications of mobile learning devices to learning and tests new solutions in real-world contexts—schools. The MTLC involves collaborations with local PK-12 districts to test research findings and provide future teachers with unique teaching and research opportunities.

Additionally, the MTLC has announced that they will offer a Mobile Learning Certification Program for teachers and administrators.


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